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Almost every male or female client I talk to -- whether over a cup of coffee or during a skin consultation -- asks for insights into how to correct and hide skin imperfections on the face. We all want to feel beautiful in our own skin and I believe your face is your calling card, your most...
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The winter months are upon us, and so now's the time to think differently about the way you care for your skin. While certain things will remain the same (never skip sunscreen, even when it's raining or snowing!), other aspects of your skin-care routine will change to adapt to the colder,...
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The winter months can definitely throw a wrench into fabulous hair for the holidays. Cold temperatures and dry and windy days wreak havoc on our locks, rendering whole new challenges for our hair care and beauty maintenance routines. The overly-dry atmosphere and cold-weather elements deplete...
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  Betsy was walking into the supply room to put postage on a letter when she saw William filing down one of his nails. He then got out a band aid box from the cabinet. She didn’t ask, but he told her he had a hangnail. Bespeckled William snorted out a laugh and said, “I feel so feminine.”...