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Drum stools do not exist. Drummers drum from thrones situated high on the stage where they look down at the keyboardists sitting on lowly benches. Drummers are protected by shields; the Plexiglas sound barrier surrounding their drum kit. Thrones, shields and manly beating, banging and crashing—it’s...
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Is the reason the drum resonates so much with my being is that not only does it echo my heart beat, or what my heart beat could be, but because it is probably one of the oldest, most raw musical instruments—one of the oldest forms of expression, along with the human voice?  The deep bum-bum, bum-...
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Post of the Week Award: https://twitter.com/redroomdotcom/status/3963545011  This sunny new day in Mexico City, I woke up dreaming of ancestral vilage squares, grandma's farm lands and drum beats from Igbo landscapes of home and inspiration. Perhaps, it's because my grandma Mercy Josaiah...
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Fed-Ex delivered very own udu utar today. Not sure?  Google it.