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  If you did not look at the fruit, you would think it was all about love. Now David Bellingham, a programme director at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, says the fruit was overlooked and so was the subversive message in Botticelli’s painting:     “This fruit is being offered to the viewer, so it is...
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 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, by Richard Fariña   Buddhist theory, I’ve heard, proclaims that the human nervous system’s prime function is to find (create, perhaps) order within chaos. Fariña’s book, as a prototype for what is popularly known as postmodern literature, seems to toy...
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Lines Excised from the 5th Poem About Your Death Then you said, I'm not really your mother. How, when you took off your shirt, I saw your black-winged bra cupping your freckled breasts. The Wednesday when you told me you couldn't answer my call last night because you had someone's cock in your...
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Just won this book today, WINDWARD PASSAGE by Jim Nisbet at litdrift.com. Visit and register with litdrift.com. Cruise the site. You won't be disappointed.
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In the summer of 1967 (and for part of the summer of ’68) I worked part-time at an East Village store on 10th Street called Paranoia. What had started out as a hangout (a college friend’s cousin owned the place) turned into employment. There were four rooms: the front room, which contained...
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A few months ago I was speaking to a local community organization on the subject of child sexual abuse. The President of the organization had invited both my husband and myself to dinner for their weekly meeting and I had been excited about another way to reach the community regarding the...
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When Sting talked about legalisation of drugs, the poor guy had to sound like a nice guy. So he said that the money the US spends on reforming drug users and imprisoning them could be better used to tackle poverty and global warming. I think he was high when he said that. Poverty and Global...
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In this weekend's Sunday Times (London) my Palestinian sleuth Omar Yussef is described as "one of the most beguiling of current sleuths." You can read the roundup in full at Times Online, but here's the section about my newest novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN: Set in a pulsating, multicultural...
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Every Thing Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr.   Writer friend Dave Frauenfelder loaned me this one, a novel I wouldn’t have picked - by an author I’d never heard of (with the overabundance of writers out there, such is the state of reading these days). It has much to dismay me, along the lines of my...
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I grew up in El Paso, Texas.  You may have heard about the most recent incident of border violence in the El Paso/Juarez area that occurred over the weekend.   Not all border towns are alike, but I feel very fortunate to have grown up in El Paso.  It was an opportunity like no other. People talk...