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I sometimes wonder who is Frances Bean? Does she stare at the cold, gray lakes in the Northwest or read Alice Munro? One day I moved across North Carolina and started a shit job within forty-eight hours. The next night I got off late, having closed the kitchen, and I was drinking malt liquor and...
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I have written about this subject before but it is coming to the forefront of my activities once again and because it is such a passionate subject with me, I want to write about it again. The Lamplighter Movement has two chapters in two different women’s prisons, one in California and one in...
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MM was beautiful, in the thin, tan, confident way that California beach towns brew.  He was on the water polo team.  And surfed.   And was funny.  I was new at the high school that prom night, so while MM and my prom date excused themselves to go into a bedroom at the pre-...
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FLIGHT a film review by Jeanne Powell Denzel Washington delivers a engrossing performance as a troubled airline pilot in “Flight.”  This film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, has Oscar™ nomination written all over it. Washington initially trained for the stage with the American Conservatory...
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Thanks for not smoking Advocates of legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana ignore research that undercuts their arguments. According to a documentary in 2011 on the National Geographic channel, 50 percent of Americans have used marijuana at least once, and yet the drug remains illegal...
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  Alec Baldwin, email/voicemail terrorist For almost as long as grapes have been fermented or liquor distilled, many people subscribe to the ancient proverb, In vino veritas (Latin for "In wine there is truth"). That abstraction assumes human form when applied to the drunken acting out of Mel...
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Look.  I don't need to hitchhike across France with a backpack with one change of pants, someone else's toothbrush, two bottles of valium, some meth a copy of Fear and Loathing and an iPod Touch filled to the brim with Velvet Underground Music. Didn't feel that need at 20's, 30's or now at 46...
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Several years ago I asked my family doctor how many families are dysfunctional. His reply: "They're all dysfunctional", surprised me. It doesn't surprise me now. In the opening pages of my book, REPAIR Your Life: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse I mention...
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Hello Everyone! I want to invite you all to any of the three book launch events in May or June for my newest title Tales of Addiction. Please visit my web site for information and locations:  Inspiration for Recovery  at www.drsinor.com
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PRESS RELEASE:                 January 15th, 2010 “Working Girl Breaks the Mold with New book!” Wyandotte, Michigan native and current Clawson, Michigan resident Lisa Ball has forged a new horizon with the publication of her revealing and edgy novella “Booze House,” a semi-autobiographical story...