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image via familyvacationcritic.com I talked to my old friend, Eric Taylor, musician and songwriter extraordinaire. He lives in Texas, the current epicenter of a major drought and hundred-plus temperatures, and the whole damn place is now a tinderbox. We all want to pop a few tops, 'cue some steaks...
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We can debate the various causes and deny climate change. Or we can all just agree that this summer in Iraq and Afghanistan the mercury is likely to top 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In the shade. Of a dry, crowded nations. With few reliable sources of water.  In that case it’s worth considering how...
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Water drips from the bill of  my WOJB cap, runs in rivulets down the front of my soft shell jacket, funnels onto my clammy nylon pants to eventually soak into the leather of my swamper boots.  If I'd planned to be out longer, I would have dressed differently, more securely, but I know that in an...
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1. Palms San Diego, hit by a storm is a city of joy. There is a drought and it still goes on. The rain came as a zephyr off the ocean, beat on our skylight like a bad drummer and sucked me in as I turned my ear. The wind was a slow-creeping giant that finally ripped with its powers and captured...