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  I've beat the Dan Simmons drum before, with the recently-read Drood.  That book had been very good; for a look at my review on this blog, go a few blogs entries below here.  But now, let's talk about The Terror. This book is much longer, and much more brilliant.  At 955 very thin, paperback...
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A friend of mine is leaving Sunday to go overseas for a few months, so he and I hung out for awhile tonight.  Where would two writers hang out on a Wednesday night with the salt and sand trucks haunting the roads and with both guys short on money?  Borders, of course!  Since his birthday is...
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As I read books of real-life people from the past--both non-fiction and historical fiction--I've been wondering lately how the descendents of these real-life characters feel about how they're being portrayed.  For example: --In Undaunted Courage, Meriwether Lewis is depicted as a manic-depressive...
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I have been away a little while; an immediate family member has been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer--in a few different areas.  This is bad enough, but there's also a major deadline at work: tons of things due this coming week.  Of course. So what does one do when faced with all this? ...