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The use of drones to attach U.S. citizens has received quite a bit of attention but not much by way of critical commentary putting into the larger perspective of morality and constitutional law. This short article of mine in The Washington Times helps to move the conversation in...
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Do you remember the Age of Camelot?   It was somewhere in the nineteen sixties and extended into the early seventies.  It was marked by a belief that we can, with will and a willingness to work together, solve the world's problems and make it a better place for all life.  Americans...
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Yes, indeed-- this should work wonderously well. I hope the fine folks in the Pakistani and Afghani parliaments are taking note here. In fact, domestically, why doesn't someone try applying this approach to, say, gun control? Let's use a li'l imagination, lawmakers! -- Earl Merkel
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  In  "Talking to the Enemy," social scientist Scott Atran makes an elaborate case for seeking to find common ground with terrorists.  His subtitle: "Faith, Brotherhood, and the (Un)making of Terrorists" tells us, in effect, that humanity is dependent upon faith to generate larger...
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In his memoir, Pete Townsend of The Who notes, when he started writing in the 1960s. the shadow of war had hung over three generations of his family. Well, isn't that the case for most of the world?  What generation stands outside of war's shadow?   War casts more than a military shadow....
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These days, Mac Donald's Big Macs, and Mac Mansions aren't enough to satisfy the ever growing American appetite for new products, as well as bigger and better ones, and they may soon become among our leading exports. Iran is said to be copying a drone it captured last year. http://www.reuters....
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A South Carolina animal-rights group built a remote-controlled surveillance drone to take aerial video of alleged offenses; so far, so good. However, their choice of venue and event for the drone's maiden flight was somewhat less well thought through, as reported in the local newspaper:...
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  One afternoon last fall at Fort Benning, Ga., two model-size planes took off, climbed to 800 and 1,000 feet, and began criss-crossing the military base in search of an orange, green and blue tarp. The automated, unpiloted planes worked on their own, with no human guidance, no hand on any...
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So, I am going to be going on tour again. (I wish I was a rock star 'cause then saying the previous sentence would be super cool.) I will be schilling my new middle grade book, AMONG THE GHOSTS, at a local bookstore near you (well, some of you - as I am hitting SOME local bookstores, not ALL local...
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Press Secretary Robert Gibbs caused a furor last week when he called out media talking heads as "professional leftists" suggesting they be "drug tested." It's unlikely that steroids are what Gibbs had in mind, but steroids have been the drug of choice for this administration...