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Searching, for what's been misplaced, but it's gone. I walked away believing that it didn't matter, if I took it all for granted, but I was wrong~ because you got tired of waiting for me to wake up from this dream, to grab onto your hand, to hold on tight and take that leap of faith. ©...
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A captivating children’s story. About the book: Three young ants are chased by the world’s craziest, smelliest spider - an evil monster with magic powers who has vowed to turn them into ant soup. One is a fun-loving scamp, one is clever and the third is scared of his own shadow. Can they...
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Two nights ago on September 1, 2013 at 1:36 a.m., it rained for less than 60 seconds. I had just gotten out of bed to brush my teeth. When I laid back down, I heard pitter-pat pitter-pat. I listened in disbelief. Raining? It was so hot today. I listened for a few seconds more, then I rushed out to...
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Ten nights ago, I dreamt that we were being chased by a lion. We were in the hills. I had a small sausage with me, like one of those Hickory Farms Summer Sausages. I started tearing off chunks when we saw the lion, tossing the pieces in the direction we were not going, hoping to confuse him. We...
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Before I went to bed last night I asked for a dream, as I do when I want guidance from my unconscious. After all, the greater part of our psyche is out of sight, submerged, with only the top in view, which is why Freud used the image of an iceberg to depict the psyche, the submerged part having...
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I woke up this morning realizing that I had dreamed about one of my bible study teachers. Even now I can clearly remember that members of our church were all at a party and she was coming into the party sitting in a wheelchair. She was dressed in her normal super classy style, hair was all in...
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SAN FRANCISCO -- As the story of the Tsarnaev brothers unfolds -- from asylum, to attempts at assimilation and finally to terrorism -- I hear echoes of another set of brothers from my own country, Vietnam. On April 4, 1991 three Vietnamese brothers and a friend -- all teenagers -- took over an...
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It's going to be a busy day at work today and I planned on going in early for my own sake and I have class tonight, which I'm not sure I will make. It depends on how the day unfolds. I'll have to take it a moment at a time. I did decide that I needed to write and that I would go in a bit later, so...
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I don’t know if I can ever dream a dream as lonely as being in space With Shapes That morph Speckles of static Neon rainbow bright No Gravity Like In Womb I was a child Dreaming
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  I’m dancing with light figures I’m loose I’m way up in the Northern region Where coffee tastes like chocolate Sputtering breasts of birds chirping Smoking coats on curb corners Layout ever-bursting white shadows on grey walls Parallel Walls stand on flat land rest under snow spread sky dust...