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You know how they say, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, publishing a book does not take quite that many, but it helps to have several talented people working together. In this case, Gabe Bush brought his skill as an artist to our little project Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts....
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Some tips for writers here, too. You can find the inspiring story of an animation here … http://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/story-of-an-animation/    
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I’ve been having so much fun this early morning before the workday begins. I read a few Children’s picture books that I will post to my blog in the coming days. My desire to draw has cropped up over the past several weeks and I’ve doodled a few abstract finger drawings to accompany a few of my...
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I thought this was genius, but I was wrong. Late last night, I had an epiphany. While many waste away their hours sleeping, I was hard at work creating some unheralded genius.  This will, in very little time, make me millions of pounds. I will try to continue to be friendly with some of you,...
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     When I was a young girl I was very good at math.  I lived in a place where girls were never good at math.  That meant I did not do math.  When I went to university I took calculus and all kinds of math classes without causing any trouble on the home front.        But that didn't end the...
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I have rooted out the drawing by the Roma girl whose name I have forgotten :-(  - the drawing was in a sketch pad I had found abandoned in which I doodled drawings and thoughts. I see that I have written on one page an idea for a one act play called "Our Man in a Coracle". It was set in a...
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Movies and books and sleeping, mostly sleeping, have been the shape of my days for a few days now, as happens infrequently when my back decides to go on a slide slip and leaves me with an acute awareness of how things work and don't work -- mostly don't work. I've been out of it for five days due...
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 For the next few months of Sundays, I'll post scenes from my new novel, Rescuing Ranu, at http://shivasarms.blogspot.com   If multicultural fiction is not your cuppa, scroll down to take a sneak peek at my new poetry collection, a collaboration with my sister Janet-the-artist.  I'll leave it up...
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In addition to working in oils and acrylics, I do like sketching and drawing in ink, and I am rather dotty about dots. I've been using Rotring Rapidographs for years, since I was at art college, because they're perfect for going dotty. This is a picture of Uphill Church in Somerset, or at least...
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