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We were the last in our building to install a telephone in the apartment; my father had resisted  as long as he could. And once it was there, after a whole year of waiting, he never once picked up the receiver. My father rightly argued that no one ever called him, and besides, he had enough...
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Author Brenda Perlin joins host Phil Naessens to talk about her novels Shattered Reality and Burnt Promises.part of the Brooklyn and Bo Trilogy. Ms. Perlin talks about writing,  life, love, adultery, divorce and how bad things can sometimes turn out to be  a...
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  Book launch:  The Briton and the Dane Timeline is now available on Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers.  For more information, kindly visit:  www.maryannbernal.com  
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In my new release Mabe's Burden, the first book in the trilogy Saving Shenanigans.  I write about three sisters brought back together for a common purpose.  It made me think back to my childhood days and all the "shenanigans" my sister and I used to get into.  Tell me about the most...
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So Excited.  Mabe's Burden is now available on NOOK! So Excited! Mabe's Burden is now available on NOOK! Get yours today! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mabes-burden-kelly-abell/1117550850?ean=2940149060627&itm=1&usri=2940149060627
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              The scenes are flashing across the globe: the massive police and military reaction against the citizens who’ve dared raise their voices against the Ukrainian Old Guard.  Independence Square in the capital of Kiev has...
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Ever been in trouble and your sister bailed you out?  Stop by and tell me about it. 
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Romantic fairy tales always end with, "And they lived happily thereafter." These yarns terminate this way for a simple reason: when a man and a woman fall in love, the story is over. Consequently, all of our love stories are about finding love and losing love. Being in love, it seems, does not a...
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I just read some work by a man named Lee Goldberg. Lee is quite a famous television producer/writer who has worked on series such as Diagnosis Murder, Spenser for Hire, Psych, and Monk. He sheds some interesting insight about the early days of forensics on television. In the early days of cop...
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The Hebrew title for this poem translates to English as "impoverishment." I decided to choose "Lose All," since I felt that to start the poem with "If I am to be impoverished / then" doesn't work well in English. In addition, it seems to me that my choice of  "lose all" enhances the dramatic...