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Dr. Maya Angelou | Dr. Maya Angelou

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I thought this Saturday Night Live video showing Maya Angelou pranking famous author friends was hilarious.  Who would you like to see in the second installment?  I would like to see her prank Salman Rushdie or Gore Vidal.     
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Those of you who have been following me know that I have been traveling with my 10-year old daughter, newly home from Africa, on this book tour for "The Language of Trees." I came across this reading from Maya Angelou tonight and my daughter and I sat together and listened to this great poet...
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What does Melinda have to say today about Dr. Maya Angelou? Yes, I have posted before about Dr. Angelou. I have great admiration for her writing, and even more admiration for the person she is. I love to hear her recite her own work. For these reasons, and more, I used one of her quotes in my book...
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When I wasn’t dancing this past weekend, I was going over the first page proofs for my book.  Linda, the lovely woman who edited my book with her “editorial feather duster,” did an outstanding job.  I appreciate the fact that she really knows her stuff, and at the same time she allows me to be me…...
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The Judy Joy Jones Show live interview with Dr. Maya Angelou; fellow Redroom Author, can be downloaded through my Redroom Media podcasts. Hailed as a remarkable Renaissance woman, beloved poet, best-selling author;  Dr. Maya Angelou; www.redroom.com/author/maya-angelou, has the unique ability to...