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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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Wednesday August 28, 2013: Today, the 50th anniversary of some of the most powerful words ever spoken , we are reminded that what we say... and how it's said... matters. Communication is about the creation and expression of meaning. Take time today to explore the meaning of the words...
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Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.(Reuters photo by Larry Downing)  “He captured the spotlight of history precisely at the right time, and responded with a blueprint for what America could become if it trusted its democratic legacy… He was murdered. But his dream still excites our...
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  Last night I was restless. I finished the essay about Sunvalley, then felt absolutely restless. It was a gorgeous night; I had rice for dinner then went back on the computer to read comments about the Dome. Why do I do this to myself, I have no idea. Because trolls are out and they're...
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Teaching children about diversity can be a tricky proposition. In the "No Child Left Behind" era, so much time is devoted to preparing students for test-taking that old school subjects like good citizenship, social behavior, and community values may get short shrift. (There is, after all, no...
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This morning, I opened my favorite on line newsletter Dana Delivered. In this issue there was an article about Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s  “Time to Break Silence” speech. This brilliant speech was delivered in 1967 in direct response to the inequities of war, in this case the Vietnam War and...