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...to take a few moments to thank everyone who made 2013 so terrific. I'll start with the super-talented Victoria Johnson, who wrote "A Classic Scare" for the Favorite Films series. She was so kind to invite me to write a post for her blog series, Creative Spaces, and I loved doing it. I hope you'...
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...to the lovely, wise, and lyrical Dr. Harrison Solow for sharing so much, so beautifully in last week's interview for Music and Prose. I am deeply grateful! I also want to extend my thanks to old and new friends for their tweets, posts, favorites, and comments. You're the best! I've now...
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The conclusion of my interview with Dr. Harrison Solow. BF: Regarding the writing itself, since yours is so musical, would you like to share a bit about process? How conscious are you are of the musical elements of your writing? During composition? During revision? Do you ever read your work...
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Dr. Harrison Solow is a writer with a rare gift.  One has only to read her story, The Postmaster's Song, or her Pushcart Prize-winning essay, Bendithion, to recognize it.  These works do not simply represent the magnificent sounds of the Welsh tenor, Timothy Evans, that inspired them:...