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and for the most part, good riddance. Here in Boston it rained - a lot. I came back from my all-too-short vacation with a cold. Watching Guiding Light piss away most of the summer was no fun - I mean Holly returns, yet she and Ed barely say hello. What was the point of that? Now that the writers...
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When I read about Colleen Zenk Pinter evoking Douglas Marland earlier this month, I was reminded of a comment I made almost exactly a year ago in the midst of a very long exchange sprawled over four blogs, "...although, dare I say that ATWT seems to be back on track. Let's hope I haven't...
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In 1981, daytime soaps began a transformation that over the past twenty-five years has profoundly changed the genre. At first glance, the process was set in motion by the wedding of General Hospital’s Luke and Laura. But the real story began back in 1978 when General Hospital was on the verge of...