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So, researching John Steinbeck for a play. I looked into Sally Bates Lorenz. She had been one of four character witnesses when Steinbeck applied for a New York State pistol license in 1941. Sally listed herself on the application as a housewife and homeowner, though she was also a New York actress...
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I recognised Martin when he walked in the driveway this evening. Sure, didn't I know him from the road. I passed him frequently over the last thirteen years, he was usually heading in the direction of the countryside area around and beyond my house and I was going in the other direction, either...
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their graves, so could photogpraher Horace Bristol, painter Maynard Dixon, writer Langston Hughes or many other artists who decried the exploitation of California migrant workers in the 1930s. The problem continues to persist _ many fieldworkers are treated like dirt, or worse, because soil is...