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Kafka did indeed like the ladies - many of them. And many adored him back. It is no surprise that his last and young lover, Dora Diamant, went with him to share his last year in Berlin. She accompanied him to the sanatorium where he died. She went to the morgue and sat by his body for hours. She...
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Kafka liked the ladies and also liked tea, though perhaps of a more herbal type. In fact, there are references to a tea cup he kept on his desk which was spirited away by his secretary. It is supposed to still be somewhere. I would like to have it. And this last lady in his life, Dora Diament,...
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Kafka does indeed have the reputation as a rather dour chap, but when it came to the ladies he was no slouch. In addition to his fiancee (twice engaged) and her best friend (reportedly - by the lady herself), Franz had a trail (if not a trial) of lovers. Many of them were quite a bit younger than...
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Franz Kafka                                                                                                                  Dora Diamant If true, the most intriguing aspect of the possible Kafka manuscripts to be found in the bank vaults, would be those from his last year in Berlin. He lived with...