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Red Room recently asked about our favorite literary detective.  I've been reading mysteries for a long time. I have a number of favorites but I'm especially drawn to international mysteries and Italian mysteries in particular.  I was inspired to read Cicero after I met Guido Brunetti, the...
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When Elizabeth and I attended a showing of The Descendants at the Piedmont Theater triplex the other night, we found the theatre it was playing in thanks to the mini-marquee by the door, signed with eloquent simplicity: CLOONEY  Well hell, who needs a title when we live in a George Clooney...
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My love affair with Italy began back in high school on Long Island, where I chose an accelerated program of Italian. Under the expert tutelage of Signor Paolo Ferrotti (Commack H.S. South), I had five years of Italian in three. He was the best teacher I ever had in any subject, bar none. When I...
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Here's my blog relating to writers who deal with lesbians.  I'm referring to an excellent writer: Donna Leon--she writes detective stories based in Venice, Italy, and her series featuring a detective named Brunetti are superb.  The other main characters are a lesbian couple--both famous in their...
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Author Donna Leon pens delicious mysteries -- all set in Venice and all centered on the delightful detective Guido Brunetti.  Ms. Leon, an American, spent her early adulthood traveling the world as a teacher, but she settled in Venice and has lived there for decades.  Her books are international...