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move on.
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In my work life, nothing ever seems 'done'.  You do entries which push other entries, make decisions which push other decisions and activities, and get 'done' with your part but the whole thing is never done. Writing seems to be a tough place to say, 'done' for me, too.  I'm a polisher, a...
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I thought I'd never finish this damn book. Actually, I'm not even finished, but I did stick a fork in the first draft of book number two earlier this afternoon. That's been my goal all weekend, and it's been a moving target for a number of weeks. Before I went to the Saints & Sinners festival...
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Just arrived home from work. Anxious to get to a comfortable chair after a long day at work. The stare on my wife's face frightens me as she holds out the phone for me. Hesitant but concerned I press the earpiece to my ear to hear a voice already in midsentence. I start making out what's being said...
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I WON!  I WON!  That's right, I FINISHED my novel! That's right, and my final word count was 52,493 words.  I finished it up tonight and you know how I feel? Drained and Elated. I feel utterly and completely spent but also elated.  I have finished a novel.  This is a very big first for me.  I...