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             One of my ex husbands, can’t remember which one, once said, among other things, that I was like a dog with a bone when set on doing something I wanted to do. The postal department had nothing on me: neither rain nor snow nor dark of...
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So I’m driving down the road when I become consumed with thoughts of Dolly Parton’s sexuality. It’s like she was constructed in a lab to inspire every boy’s first erection. I’m not a breast man but, man, those breasts. I wonder if her cleavage is visible from the International Space Station. I’m...
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A matter of great consequence has come to my attention; something so important to the future of the United States that I could not in good conscience remain silent. I am, as you have no doubt already guessed, referring to the Wilton Dimensions® Giant Cupcake Pan. This ground-breaking kitchen device...
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Scribblings #2 - Dolly Parton said this?  Kenny Rogers? Anyway, something to the effect that we are 1) who other people think we are; we are 2) who we think we are;  3) who we really are. We are. We are. We are. All three together. Intermixed with this, i.e., these scattered entries, is a...
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                        I can never seem to time my blogs to Huntington's challenge. I intended to write about my international work with children, which isn't really work, it's my passion, my reason for being, my Calling. I intended to write about a contest we are working on to get kids on...
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I wake up this morning and refuse to open my eyes. I can hear the rain as it pelts off the house and the wind rattling the slates like insane ghosts stuck in a dungeon. Out of nowhere  a cup of coffee is placed on the bedside table for me. It is hot and pungent. I open my eyes-the day awaits. Talk...