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When I was about 7, I had a doll, originally a "Betsy-Wetsy" doll, who had eyes that would close and who drank a bottle and wet her diaper (big toy technology when I got the doll, about 1949) I had had the doll a few years, left her out in the sun and rain, so her latex skin was blistered...
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I saw a motherless waif today, sitting on a park bench, watching all the other children playing.  His face was dirty and stretched with a long frown. The laughter of the other children seemed to make the frown longer, as dads rode down the slides with their daughters or moms gave an occasional push...
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June 5   DOLL   “Why is your face all red?” asked my sponsor. “I didn’t get my way,” I responded. “And this crimson appearance is the result?” “You see that it is.  I was very careful about what I wanted and worked hard to be reasonable.” “And Baby, you were.  You did nothing wrong.  Your ego was...
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On March 9, Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday - a truly notable day for a true American classic.  Not so newsworthy was the birthday of her lifelong boy toy, Ken.  Ken's official birthday is March 13, 1961.  Since Barbie made her debut in 1959, this means that Ken is two years younger than Barbie...
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Porochista Khakpour wrote a wonderful op-ed in the New York Times today about someone who is celebrating a birthday today. It’s someone we all have feelings for, good or bad. It’s someone who has divided women. No, it’s not Sarah Palin! Or Hillary Clinton! It’s Barbie! Yes Gentle Readers, today is...