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  I was washing up after dinner when I noticed that Small dog was acting very strange. She behaved in a hyperactive manner, jumping up into the air like a miniature ballerina as if to catch my attention. When I finally allowed her my time, I asked her if she was thirsty, to which she became...
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            “I wish my dog could talk.” If they could, and if you’re an author, they’d ask for a role in your books. Limpid brown eyes with questioning brows, a whimper of excitement at keyboard sounds, a paw on the computer table, and a nose...
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                I’ve written before about how my dog Remy has taught me about living, not that I’ve taken any of his lessons to heart, so easily do I fall prey to stress and imminent disaster. Yet every day, Remy plunges pell-mell into life, happy for...
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The Dog Stars Peter Heller Adult ("Guy" Book) I don't know about you but picking out holiday presents for the men in my life is like going fishing. I never know if I'm going to land a keeper, or... a guppie. The Dog Stars is THE guy book of the year, and by guy, I mean, actual manly men who do...
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I learned a lot from my yorkie Smoky during my 18 months of combat in the SWPA and the Far Pacific during World War II. She made me grateful for all the Christmases after. In the unforgiving jungles of New Guinea, the coral rock Biak Island at the equator, the semi-tropical Luzon, and just after...
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Last Friday, we lost a great presence in our hearts and lives. Our Kid, at 14-1/2 years old, lost his battle with cancer. You can imagine the space the loss of this 105-pound mastiff/pitbull mix, who snored louder than a man, has left in our house. The rumble of his sleep no longer comforts us, the...
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Balanced ingredients is the key to healthy nutrition for your dog. Balance is quite the buzz word these days. Magazine covers are filled with stories about balance…in life…in love…in careers and more. Balance is also important in your dog’s food too. You may have made the switch to an all-natural...
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This is Smoky, a female Yorkshire Terrier that served in World War II. Smoky was found in a foxhole by an American solider during the war and later sold to Cpl. Bill Wynne. She became a wartime sensation, backpacking through the New Guinea jungle and visiting injured soldiers to become one of...
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Chipper and Happy The Male Female Dance By Bernadette A. Moyer Chipper will be three in December and Happy turned four this past July. They are pure bred Bichon Frise spawned from the same DAM and SIRE which makes them true biological brother and sister. Watching them together makes me think about...