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Django Unchained | Django Unchained

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The Academy Award-winning movie Django Unchained, written and directed by the always violent mind of Quentin Tarentino, has a simple plot line. Slave gets rescued by a bounty hunter who needs him to identify some bad guys. Slave learns ways of bounty-hunting and takes it to a naturally new level....
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Just FYI, gang: I might be getting a part-time writing job that will keep me indescribably occupied first thing in the morning, 6 days a week. So between that, teaching my writing students two nights a week, doing my other part-time job, and being in school full-time, you might never see me...
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Photo: Sydney, Australia, celebrating New Year's Day in 2007, from "New Year's Day" page on Wikipedia.   Really simple blog entry this time: Happy New Year to all my readers, and to anyone who happens to stumble in.  Here's to better health, better happiness, better times.   And...