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Note: Seven years ago, I wrote my tribute (below) to Marty Haag, WFAA-TV's longtime News Director, a few days after he died around this time in early January 2004. I tried to get it published-first in print, then on the air-in Dallas where Marty reigned.  It didn't happen.  But, after watching the...
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The work of journalistic jerks seems to border on intrusion.  They formulate newsworthy stories that are actuallty more fabrication than truth.  What is called nonfiction becomes fiction when mixed and meshed with lies.  I simply cannot recall a time when people seem more inclined to stray from...
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Diversity of Journalism for a Multicultural Society New America Media, Interview, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 21, 2009  Editor’s Note: A new study of journalism’s commitment to inclusion concludes that too many diversity initiatives focus on the modest and mostly inconsequential goal of newsroom...