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New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Nov 13, 2013 For every Syrian who escaped the civil war in his or her homeland by crossing international borders, there are three more displaced within the country. Those who manage to leave become refugees. Those who stay behind...
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              Few people sit down to holiday dinners across from a man with a lobotomy, but Uncle Jürgen Ramlau and his wife Marie were regular guests at our family table after World War II.         ...
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Today's mantra is heal.  It's less for myself, although I would like to heal myself of the self-doubt I constantly inflict on myself, causing me to worry, over-analyze, procrastinate and question.  It's my one weakness. Heal is the mantra for my wife and the Gingerbear King.  He...
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN Do you ever feel suspended between multiple worlds -- challenged in your pursuits and interests by culture, geography, language or time zone? Welcome to the club. The Global Niche club, that is. Here we take advantage of our situation mismatches. In fact, after fourteen years of...