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Last week, we asked Red Roomers to blog about the worst thing they ever lost. This week, we'd like you to blog about the one discovery you made—an object, new idea, or best friend—that has meant the most to you. Please tag your post best thing I have found. "A DISCOVERY IS SAID TO BE AN...
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Detail from Lorca's manuscript for Oficina y denuncia. Photograph: Moldenhauer Archive, Library of Congress   'Extraordinary' Lorca manuscript discovered Draft of 'Office and Denunciation' revealing previously unknown lines found in Library of Congress's music division by Richard Lea "I...
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The Desert of Egypt by Opal Palmer Adisa     The desert is a beautiful, frightening place, an endless stretch of land, mounds of sand, and no form of life in sight.  Every time I drive through it, whether during the hot steaming day or the balmy night, I pray for safety, pray the vehicle does not...
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I've left Denmark two months ago and I first took a flight to Amsterdam, before I headed to Shanghai. My purpose for being in China is to do my internship so that I can become an experienced multimedia designer. Multimedia design is a big subject, which is divided in several areas. My area is web-...
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Here I sit on Christmas Eve 2009 - alone for the 15th year in a row - oh don't be sad for me....I'm not sad. This is the best time for me to sit and reflect back on the past year and see what went wrong and what went right. Actually this year I have to admit that more went right than wrong and I...
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Writing is an act of trust for me. I begin a novel with a burning desire to explore an idea. I then commit to write the best book I can and trust in the process. The story unfolds as needed. I love the magic of how that happens. My first novel, Dream Chaser, examines the nature of hope. Sara Jensen...
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I've already written in a poem about saying goodbye, so I am not sure this momentary pause in thought, matters in respect of the RedRoom weekly theme request. It counts for me, as this past week I lost a part of me. I lost the bedrock of my life in enforced exile.  As the theme has been about...
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It is not much for its beauty that makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanates from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit."  Robert Louis Stevenson To be honest, to be kind, To earn a little, to spend a little less...
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Guess what? Are you sitting down? With all the excitement about my recent accolades, I forgot to mention the most important news of all. My book, "Cryo Kid -- Drawing a New Map" (www.cryokid.com) is written in part about the discovery of eight half-siblings (scattered across the U.S.) for...