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There’s something sad about feeling different around people who don’t know about your “invisible illness.” Bipolar disorder is an invisible illness because it isn’t obvious, you can’t see it, and no one would ever guess that I am on Social Security. When is this feeling worst? Places like daycare...
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What Normal Used To be The mother who raised me was an active, vibrant woman. She didn't believe in taxis. During the 11-day NYC subway strike of 1980, she walked to work every day: from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Park Ave and 50th street...and back home every evening. She loved to dance. She was a...
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My Grandma Mary was a small child during the Depression, growing up with her mother, three brothers and a sister on a subsistence farm in Pennsylvania. Her father was a miner who disappeared for months at a time then would suddenly pop up for a week or two until his sons ran him off. There was an...
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At his blog, Poets Online, Ken Ronkowitz explores the nature of confessional poetry, including some of my poems: http://poetsonline.blogspot.com/   Enjoy! Shaindel
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During my first semester of graduate school, on the recommendation of a friend, I checked out a battered copy of The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien’s collection of autobiographical Viet Nam War stories, from the public library in Logan, Utah. That night, after putting my son to bed and surfing...
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The questions below came from a teenager with Asperger’s at Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative. She gave me a paper with these questions after I spoke to the students this past Monday. The questions were interesting enough that I decided to share them here: Did you teach yourself social...