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  Rick Lenz Direct link to the show A Book and a Chat with Rick Lenz or you can download the mp3 file of the show from "Rick Lenz" You can find out more about my guest and their books at: "Rick Lenz - North of Holywood" Barry Eva (Storyheart) My Blogs: Book Information and Things UK -...
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http://www.fictionstudiobooks.com/Fiction_Studio_Books/Our_Blog/Entries/... fiction studio books         In an appealingly small movie theater, a guest of my producer and friend, Michael Gunther of Triboro Pictures, I revisited the...
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I am a possessive person. Not just about people, not just about things, not just about ideas…if I like something created by someone else, I become possessive about what is another’s in effect. It does, through a process of osmosis, become mine. As audience, reader, viewer, I have control over not...
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So I'm a little floored. Last summer I entered the Writers' Guild-sponsored Scriptapalooza Television Script competition, and yesterday I learned that my script, "The Vicious Circle," was picked by top agents etc. as one of the five finalists in the Original Pilot category, out of 843...