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I've had two new stories published this week and invite you to check them out.   "Cosa Buena" appears in Americandiplomacy.com "Snowfall" appears in brooklyner.org    
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Is America humiliating India by riding on the case of a maid? Sounds illogical, but if true then it is bizarre. The incident in short: Devyani Khobragade, Indian deputy consul general in New York, was arrested for falsifying details on the visa of her domestic help Sangeeta Richard. She was strip-...
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November 15     When I’m Gone   When I’m gone I hope they’ll say I tried real hard and did my best But more likely will be the lament; she didn’t live up to her potential.   When I’m gone I pray the song will be one of tinkling bells and uplifted voices But more likely is a...
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Richard Holbrooke’s account of his efforts to bring peace to the Balkans--To End A War--is a candid, detailed, and thoughtful study of the practical challenges diplomats (helped by soldiers and backed-up by policymakers) face in the post-Cold War world. When what we used to know as Yugoslavia...
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  image via goodreads.com The Divorce of Henry VIII - - The Untold Story From Inside The Vatican, by Catherine Fletcher. One of the slams against history, one that fiction often attempts to solve, is that history texts, research papers, biographies, and history-as-consumer-nonfiction often...
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  I published this article today in American Diplomacy and thought it would make a good blog entry for Red Room readers.  American Diplomacy can be found on-line.   In early May my friend Blakely said that he had been contacted by a third party representing Moammar Gaddafi’s most...
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I suppose it’s only reasonable to cut President Obama a little foreign policy slack.  After eight years of diplomacy so inept it could offend a televangelist getting a lap dance in Vegas, there’s something to be said for suave.             But, not to put too fine a point on it, diplomacy is...
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U.S. women talking to Afghan women is an idea far too long in coming. U.S. Marines are undertaking an experiment in Afghanistan. They are embracing the power of women’s work. A few women have been added to duty on the front lines. Read more about this on my Living in the Heartland blog.
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  It looks like the United States of America now believes in the Sharia. On March 17, Raymond Davis got off by paying blood money to the families of the two men he had killed on January 27. Pakistan’s law minister Rana Sanaullah declared that Davis, supposedly a CIA agent, had been...
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March 21, 2011   Yokohama, Japan   People are frustrated because they've been unable to help while the survivors need help desperately.  This is the first time I see many men even in leadership roles are crying in front of cameras.  I saw on television that a fire fighter went to close a gate...