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I don't know if we should put this at the feet of Pope Francis, but, it is happening  during his watch. Among the historic and literary treasures is a version of The Divine Comedy, illustrated by Botticelli, plus a Greek/Latin copy of The Illiad . [DE] 4 of 4. An illustration...
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One perspective comes from a royalty statement recently received from the publisher of one of my books: print books sold exactly twice as many copies as e-books. because of the royalty difference between print and digital books, the e-books paid 33% more in royalties than print books.  Why...
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Well ... maybe it is time to worry. [DE] Patrons use computers at BiblioTech, a first of its kind digital public library in San Antonio.(Photo: Eric Gay, AP) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Texas library offers glimpse of bookless future by Paul J. Weber SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Texas has seen the...
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Ever thought of who’d get your assets should you meet an untimely death, or even if you’re 99 and sensing that the time to check out is very soon? You may know whom you want to receive your assets, but do you know for sure that they actually will? After all, policyholders are not required to find...
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You can make yourself “disappear” from the World Wide Web. But be forewarned: Most of the following tactics are irreversible. This includes losing any marketing presence you’ve built up over the years that can bring you business, and it can also result in being unable to restart an eliminated...
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A couple of notes here for writers:   The most recent episode of Publisher's Weekly gives a veritable mathematic analysis of what's being sold in books lately, particularly print books. So - bottom line? Juvenile and YA are decreasing in sales. Mystery and suspense are selling well...
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Every child is truly switched on to the imagination. But frequently the environment belittles the imagination, and the gift can end up suppressed under the blanket of rationality. People with a strong creative drive may settle down to live in a straitjacket, and then find themselves overwhelmed by...
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Scott Turow has it right here (see link below) the business community, even the fledgling digital world, while fighting among themselves for percentages of the take from books have all but forgotten the one who came up with the various intellectual properties - the authors. NYT Visit my website...
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I know the digital world is here - I'm all for that, and e-books for common reading. Still, I hope these beautiful repositories of knowledge remain in use forever. See the link below for more views. flavorwire Visit my web site here, and my FB Fan page here.
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The digital revolution is not only here to stay in publishing, but it's bringing about new literary forms, such as the e-single.             (Don't take this photo literally - tongue should be firmly in cheek) PaidContent Visit my website here, and my FB Fan...