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how much will you take to kiss on the way is it less if you just brush against my mouth with stony silences of hardened lips or is it the same if liquid oozes out and tongue melts in the sea will you ask for more if I taste of sand on your teeth like cacti just hold me as you would a mannequin...
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Can you grow back together? Building a relationship with someone you love takes time and energy but most of us will agree that it is worth the investment. Once you have the basics down pat, life should be comfortable. Occasional arguments and disagreements notwithstanding, you now have the...
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It's Spring everyone....Grow!  Be True to Yourself!  Reboot my life! John Traficante http://rebootmylife.com    
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  The storm has come and gone. Winter is cold but this kind of coldness numbs and locks you in. How abruptly sweetness can turn sour. Awakened by the call of desperation, I felt the need to own this one.   I think about the fragile heart aching. I worry about sorrow that stays refusing...
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Mend it or End it? When to say when in your relationships. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to set the final boundary in friendships and relationships before releasing people. The truth is there is no perfect formula to when to let go of someone you love when the relationship is no longer working...
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In the late spring of 2002 I realized for the second time in my life that my relationship had truly sunk. In the past I had moved on taking it in my stride as the many faces of life. This time it was different I wanted to face my despair head on. I did not want to forget the good times and the bad...
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In this life, no one wants to be alone.Everybody wants to have someone whom they want to share their lives with. The problem is not about how you plan to find love and friendships. The problem comes when your motives aren't right. I personally don't like when people try to pressure me to date so...
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THE BEGINNING OF TRUST   What would be the beginning of trust? For one that you would answer me, That you would be able to take in what I have told you That you could see I am changing That you could see that I understand your boundaries And now have some of my own.   What would be the beginning of...
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It seems that my whole life I have felt invisible.This to me is the worst kind of abuse,because it means you do not matter. AS a child I was the next to the youngest,so by the time hand me downs got to me they were almost unwearable. I was the lost chid in the middle of the middle,and soon learned...
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"Schiano serves up passion, courage, and clear-eyed honesty in this dramatic debut novel. A roller-coaster romance which vividly captures the rhythm and feel of love's sometimes rocky ride." -- Womankind Books