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Diego del Gastor | Diego del Gastor

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Except for the peerless blue of the sky the world is black and white. The sun blasts all color from the streets ricocheting it up off the blinding white of the walls to be swallowed by the greedy sky. A small, silver-haired old man carrying a chair moves up the street. He has his arm around his...
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Evan Harrar studied with reclusive Flamenco guitar master Diego Del Gastor in the early 1970s in Morón de la Frontera, a Spanish town in Seville province, Andalusia. I studied some of the basic's of Diego’s style of playing with Evan. He told me many stories about his 3 years in Spain. Some of them...
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When I started playing guitar I seemed to be surrounded by other guitar players who thought the faster you played, the better guitar player you were. Alvin Lee from the 60’s band Ten Years After has a lot to answer for in this respect. http://youtu.be/RToHfOqQo0g  The shred merchants who...