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    Much of what ails society today is the proliferation of sociopaths.  I’m not just talking about hardened criminals either; sociopaths are everywhere, in all walks of life.  In fact, the traits they possess are the very traits which impel one to succeed and rise to positions...
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Jerry Stahl W/ the Skinny on Fatty, Republican Sun Gods, & Happy Mutant Babies http://bit.ly/1dNSFNM
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Let me be among the first 40-foot helium-filled balloons to kick-start our national parade of giving thanks. That's right, we're just about to butt heads with Turkey Holocaust Day, and to be perfectly honest, it's about time. A little tryptophan poisoning might be the perfect prescription for...
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With today's publication of Dick Cheney's In My Time, and the forthcoming events planned to recognize the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, I find myself thinking about this past decade and how so many of our civil bonds have frayed or split, some of them perhaps beyond repair. Here's a...
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Raymond Chandler once described an activity (not important what) as being “as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency.” I have happened upon a dark corporate art still more wasteful and, being a writer, I see how it’s related to the plotting of a novel....
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Halliburton Just Keeps Rolling In Trouble. Now why would I make such a statement? I'm nothing but a fence sitting investigative journalist with a brain the size of, well I won't get into that. Bear me out here. Halliburton, founded in 1919, is one of the world's largest providers of products and...
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Now that it has been established by leaders and commentators across the political spectrum that the Obama administration is a failure, Americans everywhere must reassess their positions and plans for the three years that remain. This is good news for the Democrats: they no longer need to figure out...
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In the documentary “Imagine,” John Lennon comments that his song “Starting Over” was a message to fans his own age in which he aimed to ask them: “Hey, how’re you? Weren’t the Seventies a drag? Let’s hope the Eighties will be better.” If John had lived on through the Eighties to experience the...
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Selective Subpoenas Lawmakers have now decided to subpoena the Salahis, the Virginia couple who arrived uninvited to the White House's first state dinner last month. The couple will appear before the Committee for Homeland Security to answer questions as to what they were doing at the dinner, and...
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The United States is, once again, at the precipice of all-out war, and, if the Pentagon, the Republicans, and the military-industrial monolith have their way, Afghanistan may become another Iraq or Vietnam. One can only hope that President Obama knows his history and will refuse to repeat its...