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After Nancy Drew, I quit with detective stories. Sank into a long life of straight nonfiction reading (and writing) in the terribly erroneous belief that this was what one should do. But then a wise person remarked, "Oh, well, of course fact is in history, biography etc... but TRUTH is in fiction...
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No excuse:  no claustrophobic airplane travel with its ever imminent panic attack (when you stand up and scream "let me out!" (but where will you go? your other voice reasonably asks)).  Just a friend who brings a detective story to dinner and suggests you might like it.   I'll just read...
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The “Golden Age” of the detective story was the 1920s and 1930s. It was a turbulent period. In Britain, the General Strike. In the U.S., the Depression. Civil war in Spain, and in Germany the rise of the Nazis. Red scares everywhere, fascists too.But the detective story was a solace to those who...
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Book of Shadows By Alexandra Sokoloff St. Martin’s Press Hardcover June 8, 2010 ISBN 978-0-312-38471-5 Supernatural thriller Author's website: www.alexandrasokoloff.com Every time I pick up a book by Alexandra Sokoloff, I know I’m in for a good treat. I was not disappointed with this her last...
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   The day I got the yellow mechanical pencil was the day I became committed to being a writer. I had known I was a writer since I was eight when I wrote my first story, and known it again at twelve when I won my first national award. Neither time was I happy to discover it, nor were my parents. My...