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April 2     PADUANS     The pussy willows bloom looking much like crested poultry.  The coldest part of my heart is fighting to thaw in this early spring.  Weather is not of the mind to be rushed.  Neither my hopes nor the changing calendar can persuade the warmth...
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Desires change, needs morph into something else. Solid and sound, flimsy and fluid. Sometimes they come under a full moon illuminating a midnight sky, as gentle waves rippling into shore, where we might meet a mermaid and swim beside her to visit places only dreamed of. Other times they thunder in...
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I glance everywhere but in the one direction I want to look, that I’m desperate to look in. My eyes ricochet off the cars parked parallel on the roadside, to people clumped in their chatter around me, chatter that I'm lost in. I look down at the scoria under me and notice my toes curled in my...
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A coy peek sideways and I hope to catch your glance, or even better, your smile. You must not see me steal that look but then again, l want you to catch me watching you, for then you'll know. You must know by now. My smiles and gestures, my hello waves. Surely they paint a masterpiece equivalent to...