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If you’ve been to NYC then you know you can find them, the vendors in Canal Street and set-up near subways selling “designer” merchandise.  Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Kate Spade styled handbags and accessories can be purchased for a bargain price if you don’t mind a modified label.  And...
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“Oh hi Mom! Listen I can’t stay on the phone long, I am on my way out the door!” “I saw on the news about an elderly woman getting mugged.  She was just out on her afternoon walk, minding her own business when some guy came and grabbed her purse. He dragged her before taking off, purse in...
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Shaking the soft, but not limp hand of a billionaire, my first thought was, “So this is how the hand of a billionaire feels.” A hand capable of doing immense things by means of writing checks. A hand that could casually write a check for more than I will earn in my entire strenuous life. I suppose...
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When we last left our heroes, I was resigning myself to looking like John Belushi at my wedding, Sheila was getting ready to punch out the dress designer, and Audrey had succumbed to her inner new-age-post-modern poet. Susanne was in Miami and New York, but happy to start a new dress search if only...