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I got 3 little transparent plastic boxes today - filled me me - my business cards - after a long time spent designing, redesigning, testing, printing, and finally... almost giving up! I'll try add the image here...    
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I ran out of business cards and have been meaning to get another set printed but just had better things to do with my time. Two days ago I sat down and designed a new card - front and back. Yesterday I printed out a black and white version to run them by my students and my wife. Now I've got some...
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Okay, we've made the commitment to make our services available to fellow writers. I've been editing manuscripts for over 20 years now and working with Susanna Sharp-Schwacke on layout and cover design for small presses. Many times we see a manuscript that has potential but would require hours and...
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This has been one busy week for me, not work so much but the act of picking out stuff for the new bathroom.  The brother-in-law is a designer so I summoned him to be of assistance in the hunt for tile, marble and flooring.  Oh my goodness, for two days now we have been walking the concrete aisles...
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Genius of Place, The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted  by Justin Martin Da Capo Press The gift of artistic vision on the large stage of life is rare. When witnessed it is so overwhelming few can appreciate its impact for years to come. Such was the man, Frederick Law Olmstead, the founder of...
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As my friend Jelani continues work on the cover for Endangered Memories - the first book in my upcoming young adult series - I have been busy messing with the cover to Picture Perfect, a novella in the same series. Picture Perfect's cover is made entirely from scratch by yours truly using Gimp....
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If you have decided to self-publish your book, you must now consider an essential part of a successful self-published book: design. (As mentioned yesterday, editing also is essential. You can learn a bit about that here.) Without a great cover and interior book design, your self-published book...
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My tweet for May 15 reads "Page proofs for THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS just arrived! Woo hooo! It looks like a book!" Which is all the work of others, whose praise I'd like to sing here today. We're talking interior design, and alongside that, the copyediting process. So last we left The...
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Catalogue copy and excerpts at http://yalepress.yale.edu/yupbooks/book.asp?isbn=9780300161403http://rgrudin.googlepages.com/home  
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How does a spider know that her web is complete? Does she simply run out of thread or does she step back to review the  result? Satisfied, she decides that there is no more work to be done. Or does she set a goal for herself and measure out the complex design with meticulous care? And why does her...