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One of the "perks" to getting the rights back to a previously published book, especially one you wrote years ago—and ever more especially, your very first published book—is that you can make changes. I've already talked—at length—about updating the book to make it more current. But...
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I'm trying to write a short story but I am stuck.  I seem to get as far as writing a nice portait of a scene in time, but I don't think that I am really writing a short story. I'm wondering how to proceed.  Should I add more description?  Should I add more about the trip?  Should I braid together...
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Imagine a room. The room is dark except for a single lamp sitting upon a large, old fashioned desk. The lamp creates a dim halo of light that is not bright enough to reach much beyond the desk, and the walls of the room are hidden by shadow. A clunky laptop sits in the center of desk, its screen...