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Jason Arnopp @JasonArnopp  (Author, scriptwriter. Doctor Who, Sarah Jane, Friday 13th) is working on a book regarding professional (Fiction) writers and Depression. He asked me to contribute. This is what I had to say... (note: Cross-posted from my social justice / mental illness /...
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I got home to Oregon on Sunday, and do you know what was there? The sun. Yes, my husband and my son were there too, but the surprising member of the 'Welcome back from the Grand Canyon party' was the big guy in the sky. Sun. Sunshine. Warmth and all its perks: scents of spring, daffodils, crocuses...
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Choice...How often are you feeding into Joy? How often are you feeding into pain and suffering? Now ask yourself if I have choice to choose between these emotions, what thoughts am I choosing? Reboot my life!http://jtuniverse.com/JT Universejtuniverse.comJT Universe. Very reasonable prices and a...
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I am editing my memoirs, a manuscript I began twenty-years ago. My plan is to download it as a Kindle on amazon.com as soon as I get it copyrighted. Every time I begin working on it I find myself traveling back to the family life of an incest victim. Excerpts from my book illustrates what it...
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I hope  this is the only time I'm going to review a mass for the dead. I will say that the priest who gave a mass for my relative who died said all the usual things that would have been appropriate on most occasions. That she was called by the Lord, who saw that she was suffering and took her...
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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Norman Cousins There are always people dying, but I think it is more poignant, more tragic to know that they died feeling their lives were worthless. My father died recently. He had been rather...
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I’m not going to live very long if the effects of  life are only this this fucking whoring out and bitter taste of cum in the mouth I am declining Descending Strike me on the back Bury me Pain is the only thing that matters you aught to realize
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I want to be human, feel human.  I am alienated.  I once had, or felt that I had found my ‘god’ or what ever, which i really am not going to get into, except i’ll say, I don’t believe in god.  Anyway, so, I am feeling alienated again, alone, I am smoking a lot of pot.  I want to...
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The rocking path I lead  Mocks my intelligence I cannot stop and stare At the top of trees Like scientists and philosophers I trudge through staircases Up Back down Where the earth found me And where I find my packs of cigarettes
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Flailing about, like a sputtering firework Resisting it’s explosion Feeling temptation, I run away  Listening sideways To the most important facts Inhaling exhaust  From the highway on No nurture, no wait Head on collision was my fate Stopped dead in time Forgot what I was after Or who...