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 At birth, we were given a promise. That promise contained joy, serenity, optimism, the achieving of all our goals and dreams and many other blessings. No one was born bad. No one was born neurotic, fearful, suicidal, depressed or addicted to anything. We were born pure and whole; we were good...
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I have a sign over my desk that says, Destructive emotion is one of the primary causes of disease. What a powerful statement! Negative energy of any kind has an impact on your body. Dr. Vincent Felitti, along with Emoryville University and the Center for Disease Control did a study from 1995 to...
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We all know someone who has periodic times when they are moody, sulky maybe. Perhaps that person is us. When I was a teenager, I was constantly moody. My temperament went from severe depression to moments of elation (usually when I was climbing a tree, reading a good book nestled in the arms of my...
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January 22, 2011 Saturday I lost my life spirit and don't know how to get it back. I have given up chocolate and done a good job there. I have lost some weight. I feel restless yet sad. I feel alone. I am alone. I have not one person in my life that I can confide in. Not one person who really would...
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          I open my eyes to find that my ears are already listening to a beautiful symphony on my iHome.   Its 4:30 AM and my alarm set to the local classical station to send me on my way to my first day of work at what I am now promising myself is a temporary job.  Well ok I am not the type of...
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         I am both energized, and repeatedly crushed, by marketing. Marketing someone else's stuff would simply be busy. Very busy. Marketing your own is like doing a happy-high stimulant and following it up in a few hours with a bat to the head. That is all.