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With beautiful Paris Hilton--the subject of Chapter One of my forthcoming novel "Ocean Drive-The Novel" in Miami this week for Art Basel week, the timing is amazingly right to release an except next week. The chapter, "Everybody Knows Paris" takes place in 2005 at a magazine party for "South Beach...
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  From my journal:  June 23, 1998  (25 yrs old) I talked to Walt about being a prophet and feeling that I’m not bipolar and that sometimes I think he’s making it up, and drugging me to keep me from achieving my purpose. Basically I just told him the truth. He said this is part of my illness...
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Delusions of grandeur often accompany spiritual awakenings. When I first "woke up" I thought that I and my three friends were the living elements of earth, fire, air, and water incarnate. I was fire...or Fire, as it were. I was in my last year in college, my friends in various stages...