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            The subcontinent of India is so vast and so complex, we know that we will never finish exploring this ancient, astonishing part of the world.  India, of course, leaves the visitor with a chaos of impressions, but perhaps...
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  Are you passionate about love stories? Do you adore romantic fiction? Wish to evoke your tender chords?  Rush to grab your copy of the fiction novel "The Fortune Hunters" by Aslam Rahaman (ISBN number 9789381576816, 9381576816) and published by Frog books, an imprint of ...
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Castrate him? Spit in his face? Report him to the police? Would I have the courage and the presence of mind to do any of these when he has trampled on my body and my self-worth? I am regurgitating these questions because they must be, especially if you read the letter I got in response (...
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Christmas celebrations in our school (St. Thomas Girls’ School) began by early December singing carols additionally over and above our normal prayers. When one was a child I remember getting restless and wishing we would get on with our classes. It’s later as an adult far away from Delhi and not...
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My breath meets the breath of the city Calloused hands warmed on garbage fire I try to see faces Everyone is on hire Buy me, buy mine, they seem to say I reach out to touch the mist It has no price tag Yet I ask, "How much for this?" No one hears me Woollen caps let the sounds drown I...
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I've just joined and I know nobody here. Thought to start with an idea for writers. For long, I'd been fascinated by the idea of writing fiction from news. I use my blog JoshCafe.com to explore such possibilities. Last week, when New Delhi got its worst recent shock, when five bombs exploded in...