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defensiveness | defensiveness

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Why should anybody get defensive about love? There are different manifestations of it, and differing ways to express it. The need to box in can be a bit of a dampener.  Therefore, when somebody started a Valentine’s Day trend on #ActivistPickupLines to show that activists can be “...
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As a young girl whenever I heard my parents fighting I felt anxious, worried that something awful might happen, that the tension would never go away and our home would become an unbearable place. However, when I got married my husband and I also had our fair share of fights. My parents were devoted...
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I’m going through one of those bumpy passages on the journey to belonging. I moved a couple of months ago, and while the reason was love and I feel the opposite of regret, the adjustment to a new community is pushing some ancient buttons. As with many children of immigrants, I know what it’s...