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Get lucky. Stay lucky. Most writers, not to mention those who read them, follow them, wish them on to success, count those two among the most important of elements to the writing life. Get lucky. Write something that lays a beating heart on the page. That captures the right agent’s attention. That...
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When people ask me how long it took to write the book, I answer: " Six years, 12 years, or 39!" Let me explain the 12 years answer--I started the book in 1997 when I left my job as a corporate lawyer. But at the same time, I started acting school and pursued an acting career. It's hard to...
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After a long time alone in the bottom of the well, one of my novels is being published today.  An entirely different world has finally opened up to me.  It is subtle, but I am different.  In the course of my career I have experienced great faith, great doubt and great endurance.  And if just one...
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Now that's an eyecatcher of a title! But it's not from me. It's from Debbie Reed Fischer, author extraordinaire and fellow member of the class of 2k8. Her book, Braless in Wonderland, debuts today. Read more about it on the 2k8 blog. There, you can meet up with all the recent debut novelists in 2k8...