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I am pleased to have another of the Class on 2K14 debut YA authors in the form of the talented Gayle Rosengren as my guest on today’s on “A Book and a Chat”. After developing her writing skills while being copy-editor at American Girl and having written stories for children in Cricket, Ladybug,...
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The One series continues with a debut author.When I tell you that this debut author is my wife, I say it from the vantage of a blessed and fortunate man. Not only does she support me in my writing, I suddenly discover this new side of her. What she reveals in her story, Questions, in...
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(FREE TODAY, SEPT 26TH ON AMAZON KINDLE!)  I think I pretty much warned everybody that I was going to self-publish one day. It came sooner than I thought. I couldn't resist when I was offered professional help with the formatting and cover art. I'm glad that was taken care of, because "...
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Thirty-eight years ago, I began to envision a novel about a wizard who could will himself to die and then return to live engorged with magical powers. His name would be Torg, and the book would be titled Death-Know. A lot of time passed, and I did a lot more envisioning, but very little writing...
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This week my book ENCHANTMENT is being released and--at the urging of some intrepid supporters--I am launching it with a story-in-tweets for Twitter.  Twitter has always been a mystery to me. I see it as a two-storey gossamer house. On the first floor etheric people float from tweet to tweet...
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  While the world braces for computer chaos on the eve before Y2K, Faith Bass Darling has a different priority. She is the sole occupant of the family mansion in Bass, Texas. On December 31, 1999 she decides she will die the next day. To prepare, seventy-year-old Faith dons her best white...
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Is now available, world wide, from Jacana Media.
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    The kid wiped the water from his nose with the back of his hand. He shivered and then he looked at Evans. You ever killed a woman? No, said Evans. You? No, said the joiner. Child? No. The kid looked at Waine. You? Not yet, said Waine.   A realist nightmare that piles horror upon...
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Award-winning, first-time novelist Marisel Vera pens an honest, heart-felt, often sad tale of an idealistic, naïve Puerto Rican girl named Felicidad who goes to America to be with the man she loves. The story, told from an author omniscient point of view, begins in the early 1940’s in the...
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I just sent out the first newsletter for my upcoming debut novel, The TAKER. I have a great website designer/manager who specializes in writers' websites who makes it easy to put out professional looking html emails. She uses an email company to manage subscriptions and the miraculous part is that...