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Deborah Lindquist | Deborah Lindquist

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Under a clear blue sky on a snowy mountaintop in Aspen or in an intricately carved ice castle church in Sweden surrounded by gently falling snow, a winter wedding is something unusually spectacular. While some of our friends in cold, snowy regions may be tired of the white stuff, there is...
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Springing forward this month, we're reminded that our internal clocks are now in forward motion. Cold winter temperatures are replaced by a sudden warm spell, then shift back again, and we are left wondering what to wear. It makes a person want to jump on a plane and get away for some swim, sun...
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Autumn is a season when spectacular color is everywhere. Nature especially enjoys showing off what it's capable of in the fall. The tones in the trees make me want to stop and notice just how many colors can be in one leaf. I love color and love using it -- hope you do, too. With that in mind,...
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Seasons change. But it's nice to know you can always wear your favorite go-to basics in any season. As summer winds down and fall creeps in, adding some new versatile basic pieces to your wardrobe makes your life a little less complicated. The Simple T (shown). What could be better than a simple...
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It's not just a white dress anymore. Wedding dresses are inspired by the uniquely beautiful women who wear them. Today, women are making new and different choices in what they choose to wear for the most romantic day of their life, their wedding ceremony. While the traditional white dress will...