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Finally received my copy of Running On Empty by ultramarathoner Marshall Ulrich- can't wait to read it.     For the cover, they used an image I captured of Marshall running in Death Valley National Park- a slow exposure with flash at dusk as the full moon rose over the...
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For anyone interested, I'm planning to capture winter scenes in Yosemite National Park, the Alabama Hills (outside of Lone Pine) and in Death Valley sometime in December - creating new images and research for a few upcoming books and workshops. If you are interested in joining me for three days of...
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Check out some of my photographs in the current issues of a number of publications: National Geographic Traveler's March 2009 issue ran one small image on page 88 for an article entitled "Good As Gold", originally captured in Downieville, California. And in Via magazine's March/ April...
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We hit the heart of Death Valley, Stovepipe Junction, at noon in June. It's 110F at sea level. We stop at the general store, and between the parking lot and the doorway I fear the soles of my shoes will melt. Then we get back in the car and drive fast, 70, 80, 90 mph, air conditioning off and...