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In a hugely disappointing move, the Obama administration has abruptly backed away from supporting a frank and open discussion about end-of-life planning between doctors and their elderly patients. Only three days after implementing a new regulation that provided Medicare coverage for doctors...
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Dear President Obama: I find myself ending 2009 feeling far less optimistic than I did one year ago. I supported you, not because you were the most experienced candidate or the one with the most impressive résumé, but because I thought I recognized in you a genuine leader capable of persuading...
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What is it with the crazies with the guns at the town halls complaining about the health care reform death panels? There are no health care reform death panels. Is this what constitutes legitimate dissent now? Just making stuff up? Okay. Fine. I want to protest the black capsules the government...
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Really, now, what’s so wrong with a death panel?  Everyone’s getting all exercised about it, and really, now, a death panel?   Why not?  Think about it.  Notwithstanding the fact some believe all we have to do is print more money and flood the marketplace with worthless dollar bills, there really...