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REAL, true and perfect prudence is always to labor after the knowledge of the Divine Nature and the depth of human misery. This same prudence, Augustine aspired after saying: “Oh God, Who is ever the same, may I know myself and may I know You.” [1] Hello there my spiritual friend, It is good to be...
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 Knowledge always provides a double edge To cement the wedge and ill the gauge What more it needs? Enriches power and frees from greed   It can be called source of energy A natural gift from creator almighty Not all may be bestowed with quick judgment In readiness to face and ward of any...
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In addition to having been an antiquarian bookseller, I was also an antiques dealer in a previous life. I enjoyed it a great deal, and met some extremely interesting people. It also gave me the opportunity to handle some outstandingly beautiful objects. What I didn't realise, however, was that the...