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Dead Trees | Dead Trees

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  January 17     Hades         There is a strangeness to the dark.  A velvety comfort when my paranoia is not alive with ice crystals and contempt.  Cocoons of light create hives of life in an otherwise isolating phenomena.  Pressing to my skin I...
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A little before midday the following day they saw smoke ahead. By now they were severely dehydrated and footsore. “Maybe camp fires?” McGruder asked. “Yeah. Let’s go and ‘ave a look see. But careful like. Could be anyone.” Billy Boy said. He kept the opinion that there was too much smoke to be any...
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May 5   TRANSITIONS    During the months of winter, the trees stand tall and leafless---static in their appearance, frozen in direction.  The insurgence of spring brings to life the truth.  The buds and flowers show the draw of their owners---the pull of life from the earth and sky.  Other trees...