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I haven't written about soap operas for over a year, since As The World Turns ended in 2010. So much has happened since then - most notably, the sad cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live from the ABC lineup.  But there's also been some promising elements in the genre and...
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Events of 2008 have had, and will continue to have, a profound impact on serialized TV drama, be it daytime or primetime. So, starting with the company that quite literally gave birth to daytime soaps, the 2008 scorecard:  1:   Procter & Gamble morphs to TeleNext: For the first time in over 70...
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For a the past few years, primetime soaps have provided a real refuge for fans disenchanted with the current state of daytime soaps. In fact, some of us (mine are here and here) have been arguing that TPTB of daytime soaps would do well to take a good look at why. What I hadn't anticipated was that...
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Twenty-five years after Hill Street Blues led to "TV's second golden age" (Steven Stark: Glue to the Set), a new incarnation of primetime soaps were introduced in the fall of 2006. In addition to Brothers and Sisters, ABC had Ugly Betty; NBC, the critics' darling, Friday Night Lights; all...
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For a long time now, I been arguing all over cyberspace that primetime soaps are doing a much better job of what daytime soaps used to: telling character-driven stories with intimacy, depth and complexity. But primetime isn’t daytime, and crime procedurals like Law & Order, CSI and Cold Case...